Michael Gibson
Landscape Architect Incorporated
Madison, Mississippi
601 853 3323 office        601 209 5546 cell
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Working with property owners, City and County officials and Civil Engineers, Michael has designed some of the area's most successful residential developments. From the overall site master plan, to the entrance design and site amenities, down to street signage and mailboxes, Michael can put together the total package to help create a neighborhood where builders want to build and people want to live. here to add text.
Select Projects
Johnstone - Madison County, MS
St. Regis - Madison, MS
Montrose - Ridgeland, MS
LaRoche' - Ridgeland, MS
Montrachet - Ridgeland, MS
Longleaf - Madison County, MS
Wellington - Madison County, MS
The Shores @ Lake Caroline - Madison County, MS
Klaas Plantation - Madison, MS
Charlestowne - Madison, MS
Woodbury Park - Madison, MS
Eden - Madison County, MS
Hartfield - Madison County, MS
Wrenfield - Ridgeland, MS

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Highland Park - Ridgeland, MS
Martinique - Madison County, MS
StillHouse Creek - Madison County, MS
Hatheway Lake - Madison County, MS
Wright's Mill - Madison, MS
Providence - Madison County, MS
Brisage - Madison, MS
Hartford - Madison County, MS
Provonce - Brandon, MS
Lennox - Brandon, MS
Noah's Mill - Madison County, MS
Stonebridge - Madison County, MS
Victoria Park - Madison, MS
Hampton Hills - Madison County, MS

Select Developers
Gary Cress - Cress Development
Blake Cress
Ken Primos
Larry Johnson - Landmark Homes
Bucky Gideon
Cherry Deddins

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Tim Weaver
Hugo Newcomb
David Landrum
Gary Slade
Nolan Palmer
Stephen Rula - Hemphill Construction

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