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Mr. Lance Bass
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Trusted and preferred by architects, review committees, builders and clients for an unsurpassed ability to bring truly great outdoor visions to life, Michael has a passion for turning your dreams into a functional work of art.  With an eye for distinction and personalization, free of any specific style, Michael designs spaces that reflect careful detail and an appropriate understanding of the relationship between site, program and architecture.  Siting the house, hardscape, planting, lighting and drainage design are all integral parts of Michael's designs.
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Mr. & Mrs. Gene Loper
Drs. Thad & Paula Strange
Dr. & Mrs. Don Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rula
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Mason
Carol Biedenharn
Dr. & Mrs. Lane Clower
Dr. and Mrs. Will McCraney
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Daigle
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Craft
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Jarvis
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kossen
Dr. & Mrs. Fred Rushton

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